Media Center: ‘Smart One’ by Jennifer Close

Media Center: ‘Smart One’ by Jennifer Close

WHO: Jennifer Close


WHEN: Published by Knopf April 5, 2013

WHERE: Author tour to Chicago, New York, and Washington DC

WHY: “Touching, tender, and emotionally honest.
“After watching her engagement fall apart, her job performance tank, and her credit-card balance rise into the stratosphere, Claire Coffey decides it’s time to move back home. An old romantic flame even resurfaces, though Claire believes that being home for any meaningful length of time forces a regression to teenage behavior. While Claire, older sister Martha, younger brother Max, and the rest of the Coffey family try to navigate the logistics of having adult children return to the previously empty nest, they realize that no right answers can be found in any parenting manual.
The Smart One focuses on the intersections of self-discovery, independence, and reliance in the modern family, all enlivened by Close’s signature wit and Jacket photowarmth. Close does an admirable job of equally voicing the Coffey children, straining to reevaluate their priorities under a shared roof, and the Coffey parents, aching to provide guidance without wanting to seem heavy-handed.
“A touchingly tender, emotionally honest novel about shifting priorities and the nontraditional career paths so many find themselves on, this will appeal to fans of Jennifer Weiner and Laura Dave.”
—Stephanie Turza, BOOKLIST

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