Lynne Cox’s Open Water Swimming Manual Is the Definitive Guide to Long-distance Swimming

Over the past 40 years, Lynne Cox has achieved feats other swimmers wouldn’t even dare. Named the “greatest open water swimmer” by Sports Illustrated, Cox has twice held the record for fastest English Channel crossing, and in 1987 she traveled from Alaska to the Soviet Union by swimming the Bering Strait. Now, in Open Water Swimming Manual, Cox gives readers the tools and encouragement needed to achieve their own daring swims, and, in distilling the beauty of long-distance swimming into an equally beautiful book, she accomplishes something nearly as impressive as the long list of records she’s broken.

Cox has faced everything the ocean has to throw at swimmers, and Open Water Swimming Manual provides seasoned triathletes and beginners alike with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to train for and undertake their own swims. From tips on swimming technique and choosing a support team to advice on treating jellyfish stings and reading tidal charts, the book engagingly covers the entire spectrum of issues confronting open water swimmers and reveals a champion’s insights into swimming smarter.

Training for a triathlon of your own? Looking to improve your technique? To learn more about Lynne Cox’s definitive guide to long-distance swimming, read an excerpt and take a look at our book trailer below: