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Take a Holiday on the West Coast of Ireland with Maeve Binchy’s A Week in Winter

The doldrums of January are upon us, and we know the perfect cure for your winter blues: a trip to Ireland!  Okay, so we can’t send you off to the Emerald Isle, but with Maeve Binchy’s A Week in Winter, you’ll feel like you’re already there.  Alfred A. Knopf editor Carole Baron sets the scene for this delightful new novel and includes a few photos that will truly transport you to the close knit town of Stoneybridge.

When I read A Week in Winter, I could smell the Atlantic Ocean, I could see Chicky’s Stone House being prepared for her guests, and I could taste delicious milk from their own cows served at breakfast every morning. I could imagine the guests spotting birds over the windswept waters, and taking a comforting walk on the sand. But the ocean could also be menacing and even dangerous, with the jagged edges of rocks scattered along the coast. When I saw these photographs, it was as if I had spent a week at the cottage once again.


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