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Recipe by the Book: Lemon-Raspberry Squares

What readers love most about Karen Russell’s writing is her uncanny ability to combine everyday life with elements of magic and whimsy. Take a look at what readers are saying on Goodreads:

“She really nails that edge between off-kilter/weirdness in our culture and the super-natural.” – Gale

“She manages to capture an essential and universal truth of humankind, wrapped in a unique and unusual package” – Jill

“Russell corners the market on beautifully horrifying and terrifyingly wondrous writing.” – Catherine

And with her new collection of short stories, Vampires in the Lemon Grove, she shares eight fantastical fables that will definitely have you questioning the boundaries of reality. The characters of Russell’s stories range from a group of boys who find a scarecrow that looks just like a missing classmate to an immortal couple and their search for satisfaction in an Italian lemon grove.

You’ll work up quite an appetite while you make your way through these tales, so we here at The Reading Group Center wanted to share a delicious snack, best served with exciting discussion about this fabulous new work.

To download a PDF of the recipe, click here or on the image below.

lemon-raspberry squares