The Roosevelts by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns

A vivid and personal portrait of America’s greatest political family and its enormous impact on our nation—the companion volume to the seven-part PBS documentary series.

This handsome, engaging, revelatory book is an intimate history of three extraordinary individuals from the same extraordinary family: Theodore, Eleanor, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Geoffrey C. Ward, distilling more than thirty years of thinking and writing about the Roosevelts, and the acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns help us understand for the first time that, despite the fierce partisanship of their eras and ours, the Roosevelts were far more united than divided.

All the history the Roosevelts made is here, but this is primarily a book about human beings, each of whom somehow overcame obstacles that would have undone less forceful personalities, and all of whom wrestled in their lives with issues still familiar to the rest of us–anger and the need for forgiveness, courage and cowardice, confidence and self-doubt, loyalty to family and the need to be oneself.

This is the story of the Roosevelts—no other American family ever touched so many lives.


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