‘Shooting at Chateau Rock’ by Martin Walker

‘Shooting at Chateau Rock’ by Martin Walker

WHO: Martin Walker

a Bruno, the Chief of Police novel

WHEN: Published by Knopf May 27, 2020

WHERE: The author divides his time between Washington DC and the Dordogne.

WHY: “Outstanding…an elegant series.
“70ish retired rock star Rod Macrae, his much younger wife, and their college-age children, Jamie and Kirsty, are spending a last summer together at their country house, Château Rock, before the parents amicably divorce. Jamie is joined by his girlfriend, Galina, a Russian oligarch’s daughter. When a sheep farmer dies and his children learn that they’ve been disinherited, Bruno investigates. He soon suspects there’s a connection between the farmer’s suspicious death and Galina’s father, whose shadowy shell businesses may be a cover for illicit activity throughout the Mediterranean and the E.U. Meanwhile, the obliging Bruno helps plan and prepare meals, teaches children to swim, and considers breeding his pedigree hunting dog.
“Francophiles will relish the evocative descriptions of the Périgord region and its cuisine. Distinctive characters complement the intricate mystery. Readers new to this elegant series will feel right at home.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, a starred review

“Completely delicious.
“The real attraction here (and in every Bruno novel) isn’t the mystery, the solving of which is relegated to odd moments in Bruno’s schedule. No, the real star of any Bruno mystery is the chief’s enviable lifestyle. He lives on a low-maintenance farm surrounded by hills and woods, through which he exercises his horse every day. He belongs to a weekly supper club; pages upon pages are devoted to Bruno’s meal prep and the feast itself. He eats wonderful lunches and dinners with friends, he swims, he coaches tennis. Sometimes he goes to the office and makes calls.The Bruno novels are more for foodies and Francophiles than for police-procedural fans, but, in their meal-procedural way, they’re completely delicious.” —Connie Fletcher, in a starred review for BOOKLIST

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336 pages. $25.95 ISBN 978-0-525-65665-4

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