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The Perfect Austen Dinner Party Playlist for “The Murder of Mr. Wickham”

Austen fans unite! The Murder of Mr. Wickham is the crossover event you’ve been waiting for. This thrilling whodunit features Jane Austen’s leading literary characters, from Mr. Darcy to Emma, when they all gather at a summer house party. After Mr. Wickham arrives, he suddenly meets a suspicious end, and everyone is a suspect.

Inspired by the summer house parties of the era, we’ve put together an Austen inspired dinner party playlist to accompany your book club’s experience of this cozy read. Or perhaps you may even feel compelled to host your own traditional dinner party and need the perfect soundtrack. Either way, we hope these soothing instrumentals will help set the tone for the dream Austen-filled event. Enjoy!


If you can’t see the Spotify playlist, click here.