Case Study Cloaked Operative by Chuck Palahniuk

Note: Chuck Palahniuk wrote the following to read on tour for Pygmy. Chuck’s idea was to create the kind of bedtime stories which Pygmy would be subjected to during his ideological training.

Courageous female Operative at once time undertook mission for to deliver emergency sustenance unto distant famished elderly citizen. Attired in costume of appropriate modesty, Operative adorned own self concealed within cloak with head covering crafted of red-color fabric. Provisioned basket for cartage bread foodstuffs, female Operative embark upon foot, journey to navigate treacherous route amongst plentiful natural resources much densely-planted tree.

Amid most-dense forested journey, encounters Cloaked Operative usurious American representative card of credit company disguised to appear as wolf animal. Apparent wolf make offer unto Operative, promise for to carry burden of consumer debt charging only solely mere 24-percent interest rate. Such crippling interest rate. Such typical nefarious American money-lending institution. Seeming wolf tempt Operative, attempt for excite hooded female using decadent consumer goods, corrupt pleasure of mealtime spent in restaurant, exorbitant-priced sweetened drinks crafted from pulverized beans of coffee bush mixed frothing milk, served within extravagant single-use vessel crafted of paper. United State wolf promise all needs, all desires to be met through utilization of such disastrous card of credit.

Casting aside cloak of red-color fabric, revered Operative execute perfect Killer Kangaroo, kick-sock, for cripple fake wolf. Operative sink own nail of fingers for open all blood veins of wolf so allow all every hot pumping drop jetting red-color wolf blood for exit. Heroic Operative remove wolf head off wolf shoulders, lifting head while showered in hot raining blood of money lender, noble Operative full-volume voice keening, Operative victorious, shouting:

Every All Glory to be Accomplished in Honoring Philosophy This Single Correct Homeland State

This now, bidding all best-top most-noble Operatives present…Sweet Dreams…Bidding…Good Night.

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