Doubleday Summer Reading Group


The First Box Giveaway Launches on June 9 – check the group on that day for a giveaway! We’ll be at BookCon this year on June 2 (if you’re there too, come say hi!), so we’ll postpone the start of the first box until the following weekend. The next two boxes will launch on July 1 and August 1.

New members will be approved on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have a small team here at Doubleday, and while we try to spend as much time as possible in the group, we can’t always be here. We will commit to welcoming new members on Tuesday and Thursdays. If you were denied access to the group, please make sure you have answered all three questions.

We’ll be sharing a lot of content in the group! In addition to hosting giveaways, we’ll also share great reviews, interviews, and additional content about the books we’re focusing on this Summer.

Please use Hashtags. Using hashtags based on the book you’re discussing makes it easier for others to join the conversation (for example: #TheGlitch or #TheFruitoftheDrunkenTree). We may also use hashtags such as #review or #authorinterview for anyone searching for extra content about our books.

Please flag any rule breakers! As stated above, our team is small and we can’t see everything. If you see someone breaking the below rules, please let us know and we’ll handle it.



Be Polite and Keep It Friendly. Please keep all posts and comments positive. If you didn’t like a comment or discussion topic, then move on to another one. We believe in adding, not subtracting from the conversation. This includes inappropriate language or images. If you think we might have an issue with it, we probably will.

No Spam or Outside Promotion. This group is created and moderated by the Doubleday team so the focus will be on our books. Please don’t join for the purpose of promoting your book or other services. No political or religious posts.

No Spoilers! We love the enthusiasm when someone has read one of our books, but remember that not everyone in the group has. Always write *Spoiler Alert* on top of your post if you’re going to talk about the content of a specific book that might ruin it for someone who hasn’t read it yet.

Keep it in the Group. Please don’t share anything posted in the group, including members’ comments/posts, outside of the group without their permission.

Have fun, start reading, and post pictures! We can’t wait to see these books in the wild and to talk about this year’s summer reading. We’ll be focusing on the 9 titles as part of this promotion all summer long. Happy reading!


*We reserve the right to amend the guidelines and rules as the group grows!*