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Armchair Adventurers: A Round-Up

Armchair Adventurers: A Round-Up

We don’t know about you, but here at the Reading Group Center we have an insatiable desire to travel and see the world. But there are many ways of exploring different destinations and cultures that don’t involve jumping on a plane. Sometimes, we find the best way to satisfy that hunger is to escape into the pages of a good book that transports the reader to far-off places. To help you and your reading group select your next literary destination, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Armchair Adventurer features!

Walk the cliffs of Martha’s Vineyard with Richard Russo in Chances Are:











Visit the lighthouses of Maine with Anita Shreve in The Stars are Fire:











Explore Yellowstone National Park with Peter Heller in Celine:











Brave the wilds of Alaska with Dave Eggers in Heroes of the Frontier:











Relax on the beaches of the Cayman Islands with Alexander McCall Smith in The Forever Girl:











Stroll through the lavender fields of Provence with Peter Mayle in The Diamond Caper:









Soak in the golden sun in Tuscany with Chris Bohjalian in The Light in the Ruins:











Wander the streets of Istanbul with Orhan Pamuk in A Strangeness in my Mind:











Take in the sights of Tokyo with Haruki Murakami in 1Q84:










Learn about Kenya’s history with Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor in Dust: