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A New Literary Web Show To Be Launched by Italo Calvino's Daughter

July 16th, 2010

“Amateur Thursdays” will be a new weekly 3-minute web cast that introduce a variety of guests from literary and artistic backgrounds to discuss books. Giovanna Calvino, the daughter of internationally-acclaimed writer Italo Calvino, will be launching this new web cast at The Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Each discussion will center on a theme and each show will take place at parties from various locations. For this world premier, viewers will be encouraged to submit their video reviews to have the chance to be shown in the webcast.

Giovanna Calvino was inspired by her father’s work Six Memos for the Next Millennium to create “Amateur Thursdays”. In the book of lectures, Calvino focused on lightness, quickness, multiplicity, visibility, and exactitude in the craft of writing. Giovanna Calvino plans to conduct her webcast with the same message.

Calvino’s plans have even been featured in a recent New York Times article, in which she described the project:
“We call it “amateur” because we’d like to unburden ourselves from the gravitas that often permeates literary shows. Ours is not a show about literature only. We’ll talk about fiction, non-fiction, high-brow and low-brow stuff; books about science, pop culture, cinema, religion and international affairs, also magazines—whatever reading material is piled up on a reader’s bedside table.”