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Video: Rebecca Harrington on Eating Like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Liz Taylor

February 20th, 2015

Where there is a Hollywood starlet offering nutritional advice, there is a diet Rebecca Harrington is willing to try.

In the name of diet journalism, Harrington immersed herself in her story, following the eating habits of fourteen celebrities, and lived to tell the tale in her book I’ll Have What She’s Having. Devoting a chapter to the nutritional regimen of each star, she recounts adventures that are completely surprising, occasionally unappetizing, and always outrageously funny. “The writing—though not the food—is delectable,” weighs in The Wall Street Journal’s Bari Weiss.

We recently sat down with Harrington for a video chat to discuss I’ll Have What She’s Having—in each clip, the author breaks down the diet of a different celebrity and delivers her verdict.



She channeled her inner Beyoncé and attempted the star’s punishing post-pregnancy diet:

Best part: The cheat day allows for wine and pizza.

Worst part: Beyoncé’s workout regimen is brutal.


She tried eating like Gwyneth Paltrow, “a folk hero to dieters”:

Best part: Paltrow’s delicious recipes for beer-battered fish tacos, homemade horchata, and roast chicken were crowd pleasers.

Worst part: The wildly extravagant ingredients will break the bank.


She mixed cottage cheese and sour cream like Elizabeth Taylor, her personal idol:

Best part: Liz Taylor’s diet book has many an interesting tidbit about her marriages.

Worst part: Steak dipped in peanut butter


Keep watching for an overview of other celebrity diets covered in the book!