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The Society of Shame Book Club Kit

March 20th, 2024

“At once hilarious and profoundly thoughtful, The Society of Shame is the reality check our social media-obsessed world needs right now. Jane Roper’s writing is funny, fearless, and fierce, and her book is like a much needed slap across the face of the metaverse. Get offline, pick up this book. You’ll thank me later.”—Madi Sinha, author of At Least You Have Your Health

In this timely and witty combination of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed and Where’d You Go, Bernadette? a viral photo of a politician’s wife’s “feminine hygiene malfunction” catapults her to unwanted fame in a story that’s both a satire of social media stardom and internet activism, and a tender mother-daughter tale. Your book group will want to join the #YesWeBleed movement and get fired up on Kathleen’s behalf. Hilarious and heartfelt, The Society of Shame is a pitch-perfect romp through politics, cancel culture, and the perils of being “extremely online”—without losing your sanity or your true self.

Not only will you laugh out loud at this satirical masterpiece, but your group will find plenty to dig into. Use our Book Club Kit to guide your discussion and set the mood with a playlist and custom cocktail recipe. We hope you enjoy this Book Club Kit, complete with a letter from the author, discussion questions, and more.

To download a PDF of the book club kit, click here or an image below.