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Roast Chicken Three Ways by David Burke

December 14th, 2011

Over the course of his brilliant career, David Burke has created imaginative and irresistible updates of classic American cuisine. Now he makes it easy for the home cook to master a classic dish and then add innovative touches to make it even more tempting, in what he calls contemporary classics. In addition, he includes “Second Day Dishes,” a new and magical approach to leftovers.

Take, for example, roast chicken. Some cooks (ahem, me) spend a lifetime working up to roasting an entire bird. Other cooks master the roast chicken early and are left yearning for creative new takes on the classic. For both kinds of cooks, David Burke has a recipe: the roast chicken prepared “Farmhouse Style” delivers the mouth-filling, homey goodness one expects from this dish. For the adventurous cook, there’s Seawater-Soaked Chicken with Thyme and Poppy Seed Gnocchi. And for leftovers the next day, how can you beat Chicken-Potato Pancakes with Apple-Sour Cream Sauce?

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