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Arrival City, by Doug Saunders is “Timely”

April 1st, 2011

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A highly relevant, current, and controversial topic, Doug Saunders has written a stellar book on the most significant migration trend of the last century—global urbanization.

“Serious, mightily researched, lofty and humane, “Arrival City” is packed with salient detail and could hardly be more timely.” —The New York Times

“Arrival City” is a pastiche of personal narratives, academic research and social commentary . . . The tales he recounts of individuals who are struggling to succeed in the expanding metropolises of Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Chongqing and elsewhere will resonate with stories that have been passed down through our own families.” —The Wall Street Journal

To the many minorities and immigrants living in the U.S. it is known as the American Dream: having the social flexibility to succeed and advance based on merit and hard work. To some it means buying that first home, to others it simply means being able to provide the next generation with new opportunities. The reality is that this is a universal dream, and the last decades (in particular) have seen a surge of migrations happening all over the globe, from Mumbai to Los Angeles. Saunders bravely and optimistically presents an eye-opening case as to how everyone gains to benefit from these migrant community clusters, sites he has coined “arrival cities.” He depicts how these oft neglected people simply want to belong and have an urging desire to invest in a place where they can cultivate a better present, and future.

A rallying topic, sure to be at the epicenter this upcoming electoral year—check out Saunders’ masterful argument and lovely narrative depicting this generation’s indisputable rite-of-passage, and untapped source of wealth.