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The Unique Philosophy of Isabel Dalhousie Returns in The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds

August 1st, 2013

Most fictional detectives ask questions. But Alexander McCall Smith’s gumshoe Isabel Dalhousie asks the really big ones.

For example: why didn’t Mozart’s sister become a musical prodigy? Why do we cringe when others point out our good fortune? And do we have a moral obligation to smell good?

In Smith’s  The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds, now published in paperback, the charming Isabel considers all these questions and more, but none of them stop her from investigating the novel’s central mystery: who stole art collector Duncan Munrowe’s cherished Nicolas Poussin painting? As Isabel tracks down a culprit that may be surprisingly close to home, she still finds time to ponder some of life’s largest philosophical quandaries and considers the best way to raise her three-year-old son with husband Jamie.

The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds brims with the wit, curiosity, and joy we’ve come to expect from Smith’s bestselling Dalhousie series. Below are a sampling of some of our favorite quotes and deep thoughts from that series, courtesy of Isabel. Please share with your book club!

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