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Plan Out Your Reading Group’s Fall With Two Great Resources

August 23rd, 2013

Having trouble keeping your reading group organized? Looking for book suggestions that will interest all of your friends and spark fascinating conversations? Look no further: we have two resources that will let your group run smoothly and choose the tear-jerkers, laugh-getters, and pulse-pounders that will fuel mind-expanding discussions!

First, there’s the Reading Group Center Planner: a robust resource—chock-full of content, including author interviews, historical overviews, and behind-the-scenes notes from the editing process—that will help your reading group decide on books and conversation topics.

(If you can’t see the document, click here to view on Scribd.)

There’s also the Reading Group Center Calendar, which contains all of the most exciting upcoming title releases, along with release dates. This Calendar is updated continually with upcoming hardcover and paperback choices, so keep it bookmarked and print it out to keep track of your reading group’s meetings!

(If you can’t see the document, click here to view on Scribd.)