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Media Center: ‘Stay, Illusion’ by Lucie Brock-Broido

October 8th, 2013

WHO: Lucie Brock-Broido


WHEN: Published by Knopf October 21, 2013

WHERE: The author lives in New York and Cambridge, Mass.

WHY: “Brock-Broido is brainy, alluring,
inventive, witty, and tough.

She fills the page with long, sweeping lines, taking all the space she needs for her motley cotillions of jostling and twirling ideas and images. Her counterintuitive word choices and usage, sneaky metaphors, and reeled-in-from-afar allusions all somersault through the mind, sparking, flashing, and snapping us awake to a fresh form of attention. In her fourth book, her hopscotch imagination induces us to contemplate what is seen and what is overlooked, what is felt and what is denied. With a fingertip, a raised eyebrow, the touch of a divining rod, a whirled cloak, Brock-Broido sets poems in motion about nature corralled, animals indentured and slaughtered, melting arctic ice that strands polar bears.” —Donna Seaman, BOOKLIST

“Part tapestry, part astronomy, part dollhouse, the metaphorical verve that has made Brock-Broido influential—and sometimes controversial—remains abundant. Gorgeous and grim, elaborate yet forthright about the causes (and the effects) of its sadness, this collection spins, drapes, and sculpts its virtuosic figures around the ideas and emotions of mourning.” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, starred review

Jacket photo“The world created by Brock-Broido is elegant, self-contained, baroquely sensuous, and gaspingly, glazedly beautiful.”
—Barbara Hoffert, LIBRARY JOURNAL

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