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Attorney for the Damned

June 13th, 2011

In the early decades of the Twentieth Century, Clarence Darrow lived to take on big, lost, unpopular causes. Murderers. Anarchists. The innocent and the guilty. Now, acclaimed biographer John A. Farrell gives us the first fully documented life of our greatest defense attorney, who forged the heroic archetype of the American lawyer with Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned.

“A riveting historical drama filled with strange twists and turns. Every page is a triumph of scholarship. A marvelous biography!” —Douglas Brinkley

“Jack Farrell’s masterful new biography makes Clarence Darrow come alive. This is a wonderful, at times heart-pounding, story, told with precision, sympathy, and insight.” —Ken Burns

“This book is a joy and a revelation. It is at once a rollicking tour through the mind of a legal genius and a spellbinding account of the most famous cases in American history.” —David Maraniss

“Darrow was a giant of his corrupt times. His biography is a must-read for all Americans who care about both the means and the ends of justice!” —Alan M. Dershowtiz

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