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Recipe by the Book: Sweet Potato Cobbler from The Best Cook in the World

April 11th, 2019

Reading Rick Bragg’s The Best Cook in the World is like sitting down with family for a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal. Bragg brings us into his childhood kitchen, where generations of women and men have cooked food over which the exhaustion of the day’s work was shed, grudges were settled, confidences were shared, victories were celebrated, and hardships were overcome with a full belly and a full-belly laugh. He invites us to try our hand at the Southern classics he grew up with by carefully translating his mother’s “you know, hon, just some”s into recipes anyone can follow, like this one for Sweet Potato Cobbler. We are so grateful Bragg has preserved the legacy of this cuisine, which was born out of finding joy in and making the best out of what you can get your hands on, and that he has shared it with us. We hope you enjoy this mouthwatering recipe and his heartfelt ode to his mother, grandmother, family, and the South.

To download a PDF of the recipe, click here or on the image below.