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Another Rave for Jim Crace

June 7th, 2010

John Updike wasn’t the only one to praise Jim Crace, whom he called “a writer of hallucinatory skill.” The Providence Journal just published a review of Crace’s latest, All That Follows, remarking, “Crace captures the human condition in all its sinuous, improvisational and sensual essence.” The novel takes place in 2024 when saxophonist Leonard Lessing recognizes on TV a hostage-taking criminal, his old friend Max. Will Leonard become involved in a kidnapping plot with Max’s daughter as a way to get him to surrender? Or will Leonard’s self-doubt and restraint get the better of him? This “mordantly lyrical” novel offers no easy answers, but gives the reader plenty to think about.

Check out the review in The Denver Post and the profile in The Independent.