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Media Center: ‘Corsican Caper’ by Peter Mayle

April 25th, 2014

WHO: Peter Mayle


WHEN: Published by Knopf May 16, 2014

WHERE: Set in the French Riviera.

WHY: “Smooth as the most decadent dessert.
“A third volume in the adventures of expatriate gumshoe Sam Levitt, his partner in all manners, Elena Morales, and the billionaire friend who cares more about their company and the quality of the wine than protecting his wealth.
“We catch up with Levitt’s amigo Francis Reboul, looking out upon his Corscican estate, Le Pharo, and awaiting the arrival of his cherished friends. The sort of contentment Reboul enjoys often breeds jealousy, and his estate has captured the notice of an unsavory Russian tycoon named Oleg Vronsky, known to the international press as ‘The Barracuda.’ Vronsky has set his eye firmly on Reboul’s estate and if €50 million or more won’t do the trick, well, perhaps the influence of the murderous Vicomte de Pertuis—a dark-tempered but clever real estate agent whose real name is Vincent Schwarz—can work miracles. After all, accidents happen all the time.
“Sure, a hit may have been put out on the rich Reboul, but that’s no reason not to enjoy the meal to come:’Your order has been taken, your first glass of wine is in hand, tantalizing whiffs come through the kitchen door each time it swings open, waiters scurry, there is the moist creaks of corks being eased out of bottles, and everything is as it should be. You settle back in your seat, and all’s well with the world.'”

“What floats in this novel are the bubbles from the champagne that always seems to be chilled and waiting, along with Mayle’s usual airy descriptions of French wines and meals.” —Connie Fletcher, BOOKLIST

“A frothy bit of fun from bestselling Peter Mayle.” —Connie Fletcher, BOOKLIST

Jacket photoFrom the beginning of the book: Francis Reboul sat in the sunshine, contemplating his breakfast: a shot glass of extra-virgin olive oil, which the French insist is so beneficial for le transit intestinal, followed by a large bowl of café crème and a croissant of such exquisite lightness that it threatened to float off the plate. He was sitting on his terrace, the shimmering sweep of the early morning Mediterranean stretching away to the horizon.

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