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Recap: MoCCA Fest 2010

April 21st, 2010

MoCCA BoothHere at Pantheon Graphic Novels, we’ve finally recovered from MoCCA Art Fest 2010. It was quite an eventful weekend – our booth received visits and signings from David Mazzucchelli, Dash Shaw and Josh Neufeld, we had authors on a bunch of panels, Charles Burns stopped by to say hi and I almost got a hernia from carrying 30 pound boxes!

We sold out of BODYWORLD and ASTERIOS POLYP and gave away almost all of our Pantheon Graphic Novel tote bags. We did save 3 extras though, special signed editions from the three artists mentioned above, and now, just for you, dear readers, we’re holding a contest to give them a good home.

The first 3 people to enter the contest will win a signed bag from either Dash Shaw, David Mazzucchelli or Josh Neufeld. It will be a surprise as to which bag you will receive in the mail.

And just so you can see that I didn’t personally draw on these bags myself, check out these pictures of the artists actually signing the bags!

dash signs bag

david signs tote

Click here to enter the contest
Click here to see the rest of our MoCCA Fest pictures

Good luck,
Lauren & the rest of the PGN crew