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GHOSTS BY DAYLIGHTby Janine di Giovanni

September 12th, 2011

Janine di Giovanni

Love, War, and Redemption

Published by Knopf September 26, 2011

From Sarajevo to East Timor, from Sierra Leone to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia — as a war correspondent, the author has been under siege and under fire for more than twenty years.

“A profound and beautiful book about
the two great human struggles: love and war.

That so much hope could shine through a story of such violence and destruction is testimony to the human spirit and, of course, the breathtaking clarity of Janine di Giovanni’s prose. It is a brilliant book about things that concern us all.”

“A great and important achievement.
Janine di Giovanni writes with unblinking courage about war, death, marriage, motherhood, loss, love, redemption, fear—indeed, about all the world’s most pressing risks and dangers. She has seen far more of life than the rest of us, so she knows more than we do—and yet she lays down her memoir with touching and deeply honest humility.”

“Heroically and elegantly told.
Only a writer as tender and intuitive as Janine di Giovanni can offer herself as a witness to some of the world’s most barbarous and nightmarish wars while also deconstructing the very private unraveling of a once-beautiful love story. GHOSTS BY DAYLIGHT is brave and brutally honest.”

“A lyrical tale, haunted and haunting.”

photo of di Giovanni

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