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A Trek Through the Holodeck | The Future of the Mind

January 17th, 2014

The Holodeck of the future might use a combination of two technologies. First, people in the Holodeck would wear internet contact lenses, so that they see an entirely new virtual world everywhere they looked. The scenery you see in your contact lens would change instantly with the push of a button. And then if you touched any object in this world, it would actually be signals sent into the brain which simulate the sensation of touch, using BMBI technology. In this way, objects in the virtual world you see inside your contact lens appears to be solid.

Brain-to-brain interface would not only make haptic technology possible, it would also make possible an “internet of the mind,” or brain-net, with direct brain to brain contact.


“An expansive, illuminating journey through the mind…These new mental frontiers make for captivating reading.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ingenious predictions extrapolated from good research.” —Kirkus Reviews

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